About me

I have the best job. Meeting lovely people and capturing their stories.

Ok, so what do I do?

I’m a storyteller. A documentary photographer. I capture stories with my camera. Stories from your life events and stories from your business.

Whether it’s a family occasion, a corporate event or the essence of a brand, it’s all storytelling. Capturing emotion and atmosphere. Preserving memories. Inspiring and engaging an audience. Creating a connection to a brand.

Is there a particular style to my photography?
There is.  My travel photography has been described as ‘found’ images. I rather like that. My style is actually just me showing you the way I see things.

‘How long have you been a photographer?’ is a question I’m often asked.
Pretty much always. I started using film cameras and developing and printing my own photos in my teens. I was an early adopter of digital, excited by the opportunities it offered.  It just took me a long time to work out that I could be doing this thing I love as my job.

How did I get to be a photographer?
It’s been quite a journey. Working in large corporations, SME’s, start-ups, and as a sole trader. I’ve had experience in a wide range of industries, from chemical research to retail management, accountancy and artisan letterpress printing. I’ve been a credit controller, qualified as a driving instructor, owned a recruitment agency, been a property manager, worked in marketing & advertising, managed a studio of website developers & graphic designers, and I’m a self-taught web developer and coder. I was clearly searching for something! But it was all time well spent, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that now helps me to understand clients’ needs more fully. Working in web and marketing developed my appreciation for the power of images in business. It seemed the thing I was searching for had always been there. Sally Crane Photography was formally established in 2009.
While I was doing all of that, I also grew three rather fine people. I have a daughter, two sons and an immensely understanding and supportive husband.

How can we work together?
I love chatting with people about the stories they want to tell. Give me a call or send me a message. Let’s chat!

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