Visiting Down Under - Part 1

Well I didn't quite realise how long it's been since my last blog here. I've been working away in the background, following up on plans and making some changes whilst time has flown by. It's about time I shared some more travel adventures. I touched on our family visit to Australia in my review of 2016, so that seems a good place to resume.

Spring in New South Wales is a good time to visit for us brits. The temperature is a bit like early summer here and although you do get the odd day of rain, it's warm and generally passes over pretty quickly.
Arriving the weekend of The Festival of the Winds at the world famous Bondi Beach, we were greeted by a pure blue sky full of vibrant fluttering kites and a massive crowd of locals and tourists enjoying the spectacle.


sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_kites.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_flying_pig_kite.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_beach_kites.jpg

A 'normal' day at Bondi looked much calmer. Easier to check out some must see things. Unmissable is the famous graffiti wall with its mix of stereotypical and some less obvious, street art. And of course, the view of the iconic Icebergs ocean pool, as seen in so many of those gorgeous coffee table style magazines. You know the ones - heavy matt-finish paper with beautifully curated images.


sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_graffiti_wall.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_graffiti_bench.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_graffiti_lollipops.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_graffiti_skeletons.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_graffiti_tourists.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_bondi_beach_Icebergs_pool.jpg

We were very excited to spot a large pod of dolphins playing in the bay one day - apparently it's unusual to see so many at once, and for them to stay for so long. Such a joy to watch. Sadly the photos don't really do the experience justice. Maybe I should think about a wildlife lens? ( don't mention it to Mr.C )



Having not ventured outside Sydney on our previous visit, we decided on a quick trip across to the Blue Mountains. Only a couple of hours drive outside the city but worth an overnight stay. It's a vast interesting landscape of peaks and plateaus with deep escarpments and glimpses of waterfalls. From the viewing points you can see the characteristic blue haze, hence the name. There's some science behind the blue colour that I won't bore you with, but a major factor is the eucalyptus forests. It was quite wet during our brief visit but that did mean we were rewarded with a massive rainbow.


sally_crane_travel_photographer_blue_mountains_wentworth_falls_three_sisters.jpg sally_crane_travel_photographer_blue_mountains.jpg

Part 2 coming later - including classic Sydney Opera House sunset pics and wild kangaroos.

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Visiting Down Under part 1

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