Reveal of Richard Serra's East-West,West-East installation in the Qatar desert commissioned by Qatar Museums Authority. Attended by Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani.

“The placement (of the pieces) is not geometrical, it’s topological; they can only be placed where they are to achieve the curvature of the land. If one walks through the pieces; he will understand not only the rhythm of himself in relationship to the landscape but also the rhythm of himself in relationship to the height and the length of the pieces.” - Richard Serra

scp-20140408-5879comp.jpg scp-20140408-5911.jpg scp-20140408-5917comp.jpg scp-20140408-5898.jpg scp-20140408-5956.jpg scp-20140408-5958.jpg scp-20140408-5961comp.jpg scp-20140408-5948.jpg scp-20140408-5975.jpg scp-20140408-5999.jpg scp-20140408-6029.jpg scp-20140408-6030.jpg Serra-scp-20140408-6004_edit.jpg scp-20140408-6046.jpg scp-20140408-6066.jpg scp-20140408-6098.jpg scp-20140408-6087.jpg scp-20140408-6111comp.jpg scp-20140408-6104.jpg scp-20140408-6124.jpg